【Aroma Pro.】Daily Aroma Organic Carrier Oil Jojoba Oil Golden 身體油 - 65ml

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主體:43 x 95 x 43 毫米
盒子:45 x 97 x 45 毫米

NT$ 649 649.0 TWD NT$ 649 (含稅)

NT$ 649 (含稅)

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    ※霍霍巴油在溫度低於10°C (50°F)時可能會結冰。

    Golden liquid wax from jojoba seeds.
    A non-greasy oil packed with all the blessings of nature. Easy-to-use home care size. It can be used for a wide range of applications including hand, foot, and body treatments as well as hair care. You can also enjoy your original arrangement by blending with essential oils that suit your mood.

    Jojoba oil may freeze at temperatures below 10°C (50°F).


    製造產地: 日本
    材質/成分: 荷荷巴籽油* (100%)

    Country of manufacture: Japan
    Material / component: Jojoba seed oil* (100%)
    * are organically grown ingredients