【Daily Aroma Japan】高知縣產柚子YUZU 護唇膏、滋潤膏

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主體:43 x 17 x 43 mm
包裝:62 x 60 x 60 mm

NT$ 299 299.0 TWD NT$ 299 (含稅)

NT$ 299 (含稅)

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    高知柚子多功能潤唇膏&指甲油 8g

    All in 1 balm,具有清爽的柚子香味。

    Kochi Yuzu Multi-Balm Lip & Nail 8g

    A yuzu balm that can be carried in one pouch for multiple uses.
    Freshly harvested aromatic yuzu essential oil from Kochi Prefecture* fragrance.
    Simple formulation with 6 botanical oils in a base of Vaseline and beeswax.
    ALL in 1 balm with a refreshing yuzu scent.
    Smoothly glides on, adheres well, and moisturizes. It can be used not only for lips, but also for nail care, hair wax, elbows, knees, and other dry areas, to prevent fine wrinkles around the eyes, to give skin a glossy look, etc. The compact can type is perfect for cosmetic pouches. The cute rice-ball shaped package also makes a great gift.

    製造產地: 日本
    材質/成分: 凡士林、蜂蠟、柚子皮油、角鯊烷、橄欖果油、葡萄籽油、米胚芽油、霍霍巴籽油、鱷梨油、山茶籽油

    Country of manufacture: Japan
    Material / component: Vaseline, beeswax, yuzu peel oil, squalane, olive fruit oil, grape seed oil, rice germ oil, jojoba seed oil, avocado oil, camellia seed oil