Resenza CICA & Galactomyces Premium All-in-One Gel 全效高保濕乳霜
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專業級護膚體驗,一瓶滿足所有期待,ALL IN ONE保養品,讓你的肌膚重新焕發生機!

NT$ 1,399 1399.0 TWD NT$ 1,399 (含稅)

NT$ 1,399 (含稅)

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    Resenza CICA & Galactomyces Premium All-in-One Gel  乳液






    *因為你每天都在使用它。 5種免費成分對你的皮膚有好處。



    *Sales Name
    Resenza CICA & Galactomyces Premium All-in-One Gel

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    *Manufactured and distributed by
    Safety Corporation

    [Rich moisture for aging skin.]
    A concentrated all-in-one gel that makes your busy morning and evening routine a shortcut to luxurious skincare.

    [Seven functions in one gel.]
    Lotion, milky lotion, essence, cream, pack, massage cream, mask, all in one!

    *Moisturizing ingredients penetrate to the keratinized skin layer.
    Easily absorbed into the skin, the rich beauty ingredients are delivered to the keratinized layer of the skin.
    It helps to tone aging skin and leads to a plump, resilient, and glowing skin.
    (Moisturizing ingredients: niacinamide/human fat cell culture medium extract/thin Acid/hyaluronic acid, etc.)

    *CICA (Camellia sinensis extract)
    CICA cosmetics containing ingredients derived from Camellia sinensis have gained popularity in Korea, Japan, and around the world. It protects the skin and leads to a resilient skin.

    *Galactomyces/olive leaf fermentation extract
    This extract is made by fermenting olive leaves with Galactomyces, a natural yeast that attracted attention because craftsmen who prepare koji for sake have beautiful, elastic hands. It provides moisture and smooth skin with a well-defined texture that reduces the appearance of pores.

    *Because you use it every day. 5 free ingredients that are good for your skin.
    [No parapenes, no ethanol, no fragrance, no colorant, no UV absorber.]
    For those who have sensitive skin or are particular about what they use on their skin, we have chosen to use additive-free products.

    *How to use
    STEP1. After washing your face, put an appropriate amount (about the size of a cherry) in the palm of clean hands. (If you are concerned about dryness, take a generous amount.)
    STEP2. Warm the product in the palm of your hand while blending it lightly, so that it will be well absorbed into the skin.
    STEP3: Apply from areas of particular concern for dryness, and spread evenly from the inside to the outside.